So, there I was just minding my business, by the canal with my pal Tommy and it was like a Thursday or a Monday or something I dunno and I’m just hanging out minding my business and there’s this boat in the canal right you know those long boats with the colors ? what do you call them ? canal boats ? yeah whatever there’s like this canal boat in the water and these two kids come by like hmmm like 15 maybe these two guys are like walking down past the canal and im like seeing them walking with these long sticks long sticky like with a string on it fishing poles that’s it and so these guys kids walking down past the canal with the boat and they are trying to find a place to fish with their sticks poles sorry and so they are walking down and looking for a place to fish and I’m just there with my pals and these kids out of the blue just jump on the boat with their sticks rods ohm poles and the kinds jump on to fish from the boat and this old man comes out from the boat and just starts yelling at the like stuff like what are you doing on my boat you don’t just jump on someone’s boat this boat is my home one thing would have been if you asked first you wee shits I was sleeping !